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Toten EP

Comes in a simple CD sleeve with closed by a Störung sticker. CD-R

Artist: & Various Artists
Catalog No.:
April 21, 2010
Super Limited Edition Compact Disc

1. Toten (Original) [04:14 min]
2. Toten (Wooden Shed | Asférico + A.Girons Remix) [05:54 min]
3. Toten (Emiliano Zelada Remix) [04:13 min]
4. Toten (Doma Tornados Remix) [05:51 min]


Original Toten track by with 3 remixes done by Asférico + A.Girons, Emilano Zelada and Doma Tornados.
Very rare release presented at Störung Fest 5.0 and that was only available in Barcelona during that festival edition one year before the Randomicon official release.