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MOON 870A Power Amplifier

The Evolution of amplification… Massive power reserves allow the music to reproduce effortlessly at any volume level.


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No global feedback for fast and lifelike musicality
“There was also outstanding image focus from left to right and from front to back, making performers’ positions onstage easy to discern […] The 870A Power Amplifier’s re-creation of the spaces around musicians was a product of its topnotch reproduction of resolution and detail.”
– Doug Schneider, SoundStage!

Seducing warm sound

300W per channel

Design features
– Our “Lynx” Technology which eliminates feedback and results in: real-time amplification; more accurate musical reproduction with respect to tonality; non-existent transient intermodulation distortion; the elimination of phase errors resulting from feedback.
– Output stable to any known speaker impedance.
– A high damping factor for superior musical dynamics, improved signal speed and refined timbre accuracy.
– Self-diagnostic system that detects both over-heating and the presence of DC in the input signal.


Output Power at 8Ω 300 W per channel
Output Power at 4Ω 600 W per channel
Output Power – Bridged Mono at 8Ω 1200 W
Input Sensitivity 1400mV RMS
Input Impedance 47,500Ω
Gain 31dB
Signal-to-noise Ratio 106dB @ full power
Frequency response (full range) 10Hz – 200kHz +0/-3.0dB
Crosstalk @ 1kHz -105dB
THD (20Hz – 20kHz @ 1 W) 0.015%
THD (20Hz – 20kHz @ 300 W) 0.04%
Intermodulation distortion 0.006%
Shipping weight 98 lb / 44 kg
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 18.75 x 7.5 x 17.5 in 47.6 x 19.2 x 44.5 cm