A. La Buena Onda – Masterizado por Alex Gámez
B. Síncopa y Contratiempo

Alex Font is a musician, producer and disc jockey. Lover of all music in general, although his main musical styles are based on Electronica, Jazz, Salsa, Funk, Classical, Flamenco, Latin Music, Techno-Dub and Experimental, but above all «The Real * HOUSE MUSIC *», as he likes to call it.
Alex became interested in music at the end of the 90’s and with only 14 years old hebought his first vinyl and started playing in small clubs in the city.
Strongly influenced by the cities of New York, London (where he lived for three years and visits regularly), Berlin and Ibiza. His style always aims to maintain a high musical level and his sound varies according to his mood and circumstances. Although something that characterizes him is that he always manages to surprise the public, and this is just what differentiates him from the rest.
His main source of expression is the classic House of the great schools of New York, Detroit and Chicago fused with latin, salsa, jazz and sounds from the depths of techno dub. Although it can vary according to his mood, both in the studio and in live performances.
During his years of musical career, he has had the opportunity to play in renowned venues in Europe, especially in Spain and the UK. At the same time, he has developed in parallel his studies of musical composition, music production, music theory, harmony and sound engineer.
For some years now Alex has developed his own teaching courses on the production of electronic music and music theory, where he is part of the faculty staff of the renowned academy of music «Millennia» in Valencia.
Currently he plays piano, drums and Latin percussion, all in complete evolution.
Alex is a person who likes to deepen and experiment with every aspect of music, since his concept is to innovate, but at the same time maintain the roots.
He considers himself a lover of 12inch (Vinyl), as well as someone who combines the two worlds, analog and digital, in order to extract the best that each of them has to offer.