U 47 fet

¡Vuelve por demanda popular! El U 47 fet moldeó el sonido suave y rico de los años 70.

– Reproducción exacta del clásico de Neumann en la década de 1970
– La misma cápsula de gran diafragma que el legendario U 47
– Electrónica FET con gran transformador de salida.
– Capacidad NPS extremadamente alta


Introduced in 1972 as a successor to the legendary U 47 tube microphone, the U 47 fet became a Neumann classic in its own right. Its smooth yet defined character shaped the sound of the 70s. After a long hiatus, the U 47 fet is finally available again, meticulously reproduced from the same components. A true classic, yet far from outdated.

“Smooth” is the word that best describes the sonic ideal of the seventies. The then new U 47 fet was very much part of that sound. Introduced in 1972, it soon became a studio favorite combining the refined sound balance of its tube predecessor with a new clarity and greater ease of use. Toward the mid-80s, as records became increasingly more strident, the smooth U 47 fet fell out of favor as a vocal microphone and was discontinued. Yet over the years top engineers discovered new applications for the U 47 fet in front of guitar cabinets and kick drums. Eventually, famous vocalists from boy group pop to heavy metal reestablished the U 47 fet as a versatile vocal microphone. So now, by popular demand, it’s back in production.