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Direction: Alex Gámez
Sound Engineers: Alex Gámez & Fran Rico
Radio: Juan Diego Burillo (RIP), Montserrat Cuberes, Alex Gámez & Fran Rico
Artists Management: Alex Gámez
Störung Label products supervisor: Alessia Mannini
Asia product manager: Minako Koshiba
Photography: Miguel Angel Ruíz
Störung logo design: elufo
Web graphic design: Ignacio Guillen & Alex Gámez
Web development: Ignacio Guillen

If you wish to collaborate with Störung send us your proposal.

If you wish to sponsor Störung project or any of its activities send us your proposal.

Send your demo on physical format to the address below:

Störung – Artistic Direction
Alex Gámez
PO BOX 243
08910 Badalona (SPAIN)
phone: +34696523155


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