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Störung Radio started in January 2009 with the purpose of promoting electronic and experimental music, thus following the work done through Störung events and releases since 2006.
The first broadcast of the show took place in 2005 under the name of «Sub-Zero» at Radio Pomar. After collaborating with SCRadio, now disappeared, in mid-2008, Störung Radio joined Radio Trinitat Vella.
Thanks to the collaboration between Alex Gámez and Juan Diego Burillo, Störung Radio takes a big step forward and establishes itself as a meeting point between public, events, artists and music. The evolution of the program caused its incorporation on the schedule of Radio Ciutat de Badalona in October 2009.
After the big lost of Juan Diego Burillo (RIP) and to end of Radio Ciutat de Badalona due political decisions, ​​Störung Radio joined of ScannerFM in 2012.
Nowadays, a new season of Störung Radio is being produced at Störung Studios by Montse Cuberes, Alex Gámez and Fran Rico.