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Störung Studios works for outstanding artists, musicians, record labels, audiovisual companies and communication agencies since 2010. The main goal is to deliver the best results for our customers meeting deadlines. To that end, we opt for the constant expansion and improvement of our professional digital and analog gear, and for the sound research and continued education of our team.

Störung Studios provides production, sound design, mixing, mastering and post-production services, as well as workshops focused on various sound aspects. You can book us here.

Alex Gámez

Alex Gámez (Barcelona, 1981) has been involved with music since 1995, firstly as dj, and later as artist, sound designer, producer, mixing & mastering engineer. Since 2005 sign his artistic works under the moniker Asférico. In January of 2006, he founded Störung, a platform focused on electronic and experimental music and visual arts. He is […]

Fran Rico

Fran Rico (Valencia, 1986) did his first approach to the sound during childhood, and since then, it has occupied a capital place in his path as a musician and sound technician, gaining a strong remarkable background in classical music. After specializing in recordings and live sound engineering, he worked in 2008 as assistant engineer at […]