Störung Studio. Production services for artists, musicians, record labels, audiovisual production companies and national and international media agencies.

das Stören
disturbance , disruption

Störung Studios works for artists, musicians, record labels, audiovisual companies and communication agencies since 2010. The main goal is to deliver the best results for our customers whilst meeting deadlines. To that end, we opt for the constant expansion and improvement of our professional digital and analog gear, and for the sound research and continued training of our team.

Störung Studios provides production, sound design, mixing (including Dolby Atmos), mastering and post-production services, as well as workshops focused on various sound-related subjects. You can book us here.

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    Monitoring & Meters
    PSI Audio A21-M (x2)
    PSI Audio A17-M (x2)
    PSI Audio Sub A225-M
    PSI Audio R&B
    PSI Audio AVAA (x2)
    Avantone MixCube (x2)
    Crookwood Custom Monitoring System
    Audeze LCD-X
    Beyer Dynamic DT1990 Pro
    Shure SRH1840
    Sennheiser HD600
    AKG K701
    Sennheiser HD25-II (x2)
    RedCo Little Red Cue Box
    Dorrough 40A (x2)
    Dorrough 280-DE (x2)
    Crookwood Stereo Meters
    Crookwood 5.1 Meters
    GIK Acoustics Treatments & Panels
    Sound Anchors Stands

    Cadac J-Type Mixer (modular, 80 inputs)
    D’anca Summing Mixer (tubes, 16 inputs)
    IJ Research K-1 Mastering Transfer Console
    Crookwood Custom Mastering Console

    Cadac J-Type (x80)
    Telefunken 672a (x2)
    Merging Technologies PreAmp (x26)
    Avid Protools S3 AVB (x2)

    Cadac J-Type (x80)
    Pultec EQP-1A (x2)
    Klein & Hummel UE1000 (x2)
    Siemens Auso ELA 75-15 (x2)
    Neumann W495 (x2)
    Trident CB9066 Class A EQ
    Dangerous Music BAX EQ

    Compressors | Limiters
    Manley Variable MU Compressor
    D’anca Type436 Master Compressor
    dbx 165A Compressor/Limiter
    Calrec DL-1656 Mono Compressor (x4)
    Calrec DF-1625 Comp/Expander/Gate (x2)
    Calrec DL-3676-2 Stereo Compressor (x7)

    Sound Processors
    AKG BX25 w/Delay
    EMT 251 Reverb
    Bricasti M7 Reverb
    Lexicon 960L (LARC2)
    Lexicon 480L (LARC)
    Lexicon 224XL (LARC)
    Lexicon 200
    Lexicon PCM60
    EMS Filterbank B1 II (x2)
    Desper Spatializer Pro 8
    Sensortech SSP-200
    AMS Neve RMX16
    AMS Neve DMX 15-80s (x2)
    AMS Neve Chorus Controller
    AMS Neve Tape Phase Simulator DM2-20
    Binson Echorec 2 7TE Model (Modified)
    Eventide H910
    Eventide H949 (x2)
    Eventide HK941
    Eventide H3000 D/SX (H3500 upgrade)
    Eventide FL201 Instant Flanger (x2)
    Roland SRE-555 Chorus Echo
    Roland RE-201 Space Echo
    Roland SBF-325 Stereo Flanger
    Roland SPH-323 Phase Shifter
    Ursa Major Space Station SST-282
    TC Electronics 2290
    WEM Watkins Copicat MKIV
    Dynacord Echorec Mini
    Dynacord DRS78
    Dytronics FS-1 Cyclosonic
    Mu-Tron Phasor II
    Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster-Flux
    Moogerfooger MF-113 12-Stage Paser
    Moogerfooger MF-107 Freqbox
    Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator
    Crane Song Hedd 192

    Sequencial Circuits Prophet 5 v.3.3
    Oberheim OB8
    Oberheim Xpander + Xk Keyboard
    Alesis Andromeda A6
    Emulator II w/SD
    PPG Wave 2.3
    Moog Minimoog Model D “Reissue”
    Baloran The River
    Korg Monopoly w/MIDI
    Roland Jupiter 4 w/MIDI
    Roland VP-330 MKI
    Roland Juno 60 + Kenton Midi Pro-DCB
    Roland JD-800
    Roland TB303 w/CV’s
    Roland TR808 w/MIDI
    Roland CR78
    Simmons SDS-V Drum Synthesizer
    Yamaha CS70M w/MIDI
    Yamaha CS30
    Yamaha TG77
    Antonus 2600
    Fender Precision Bass 1973
    Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling 4-String Bass

    Sequencers | Controllers
    Avid Protools S3 AVB
    Antonus Step Brother
    Roland CSQ600
    Doepfer Regelwerk
    Doepfer Drehbank (x2)
    Doepfer Pocket Fader (x2)
    Doepfer Pocket Control
    Doepfer LMK4+ 88 GH
    M-Audio Axiom 49
    Kenton ProSolo MKII
    Teenage Engineering Oplab

    Field Recordings | Microphones
    Neumann KU100 Dummy Head
    Sennheiser MKE2002 Dummy Head
    Soundman John Dummy Head
    CRT C55 Hydrophone + Cage
    Aquarian Audio H2N9 Hydrophone
    Soundman OKMII (x2)
    Beyer Dynamic M160 (x2)
    Audio Tecnica AT3032 + Windscreens (x2)
    Telinga EM23 Pairs (x3)
    Telinga Universal MK2 System
    Telinga PRO-X System
    Rode NT1A Set
    AKG C-417 L
    Cavision Carbon Fiber Boom Pole 6 m.
    Sony PCM-D50 (x2)
    Olympus LS10

    Interconnect | Power
    WireWorld Cable
    Canare Star Quad
    Van Damme

    Reel to Reel
    Studer A810 (¼” 2 tracks)
    Telefunken M15 (¼” 2 tracks)
    Otari MX-80 (2” 24 tracks) w/Otari CB140
    Nagra 4.2 (¼” 1 track)
    Revox PR99 MKII (¼” 2 tracks)

    Thorens 135 MKII
    Technics SL1200 MKII Silver (x2)
    Musical Fidelity V90-LPS Phono Stage

    Converters | Clocks | Sync
    Merging Technologies Horus
    Merging Technologies Hapi
    Merging Technologies Anubis Premium
    Crane Song Hedd 192
    Avid ProTools S3 AVB
    Weiss Saracon
    Adam Smith Zeta Three

    DAWs | Playback | Tools
    Merging Quintessence Workstation
    Apple Mac Pro 6.1
    Apple Mac Pro 5.1
    Apple MacBook Pro M1
    Tascam CD-500B
    Dolby Atmos Production Suite
    Merging Pyramix Masscore Premium 14
    Avid ProTools 2024
    Logic Pro X
    Reaper 6
    Ableton Live 11 Suite
    Magix Samplitude Pro Suite
    Magix SoundForge Pro
    Presonus Studio One
    Celemony Melodyne Studio 5
    Flux Spat Revolution
    iZotope Rx11 Advanced
    SoundMiner 5
    Triumph 2
    Various Softwares, Sound Libraries & Plugins

    *more gear available upon request

    (Barcelona, 1981). He has been involved with music since 1995, firstly as dj, and later as artist, sound designer, producer, mixing & mastering engineer. Since 2005 he signs his artistic works under the moniker Asférico. In January of 2006, he founded Störung, a platform focused on electronic and experimental music and visual arts. He is ...
    (Valencia, 1986). He made his first approach to sound during his childhood, and since then, it has occupied a central place in his path as a musician and sound technician, acquiring a remarkable background in classical music. After specializing in recordings and live sound engineering, he worked in 2008 as assistant engineer at Asylum Studios ...