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Antelope Audio Goliath HD is already available

The most complete product, in terms of audio interfaces, of Antelope Audio is now available. Goliath HD is an improved version of Goliath with a new dark gray chassis with backlit dial, 64-channel HDX connectivity for ProTools HD, USB3 and ADCs that come to provide 124dBs and 129dBs DACs of dynamic range without lantency. To […]


Spitfire Audio BT Phobos

Spitfire Audio, a renowned London company dedicated to sound libraries and professional audio software development, has partnered with American composer Brian Transeau, better known as BT, to create tools in the field of hybrid synthesis. BT Phobos is a synthesizer conceived as a result of this association. Both have developed a powerful device that generates […]


str011: Mia Zabelka + Asférico – The Broken Glass

The Broken Glass is a work conceived and produced in Austria and Spain, and represents the eleventh reference of the Störung record catalog. In this collaboration, Asférico, processes field recordings and syntheses to create cyclic and hypnotic structures on which Mia Zabelka sculpts through her voice and her violin. Available from 07/07/2017 on vinyl and […]