Köllt / Kullu

Artist: Francisco López
Label: Störung
Catalog Nº: str007
Release: October 1, 2010
Edition: Limited Edition CD + DVD

Track List:

1. Köllt (Long Version) [33:20 min]
2. Kulu (Short Version) [38:00 min]

1. Köllt (Short Version) [18:05 min]
2. Kulu (Long Version) [56:34 min]

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Francisco López presents two pieces, Köllt and Kulu, each with an audio version on CD and an audiovisual version on DVD.
In this work, the artist has blurred the boundaries between field recordings and artificial sounds by means of an artful manipulation of sound. As a result the field recordings are no longer identifiable, and have lost all visual association.

Comes in a double digipack. CD-A + DVD.


These audio excerpts have been prepared for preview purposes only, so their sound quality is lower than the found on the str007 CD+DVD.