4U Stereo VU Meter

The Control Panel Sized Stereo VU Meter
A large, accurate, stereo VU meter with versatile input attenuator for mounting next to your Crookwood console or controller control panels. Or anywhere else!


The Crookwood Control Panel VU meter is designed to physically match our mastering consoles and monitor controllers, but can be used with any audio device. This excellent large stereo VU meter has a built in attenuator, so no matter how hot your mix or stem is, the VUs will work perfectly. Unlike the VUs placed on your gear, these VU meters are precision VUs that conform to BS6840:part 17 1991 & IEC268-17:1990, and the attenuator lets them work with signals up to +22dBu.

The combination of real VU meters and attenuator make this meter a superb addition to any studio, giving you a real sense of music levels and dynamics.

Technical specifications

– Same size as one of our console control panels – mount in a pod or a 19″ along with our console/ controller
– 2 precision VU meters to BS6840:part 17 1991 & IEC268-17:1990, apart from attack time which is slightly over compensated
– Stepped, balanced attenuator offers attenuation of 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15 dB.
– Constant impedance attenuator ensures VUs always work to spec.
– XLR inputs on rear of box

– 4U high x 1/4 of a 19″ rack unit wide
– XLR inputs