DADman Control Software (PC & Mac)

DADman is a control software application for AX32, DX32 and AX24. DADman v.5.x runs on Windows PC with W7/W8 and Mac with OS X version 10.9, 10.10. and 10.11. It also supports the NTP Penta 720 and Penta 721 units.


DADman is a software application for control of the DAD AD/DA converters. DADman v.5.x can run on both Windows PC with W7/W8 or MAC PC with OS X version 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12. DADman 5.x supports control of the following products:
– DAD AX32
– DAD DX32
– DAD AX24
– Plus NTP Penta 720 and Penta 721

Technical specifications

– Complete control of the interface parameters
– A/D Analogue Input and Mic pre control
– D/A output level control
– Routing Matrix control
– Settings configuration
– Controls multiple units
– Avid(TM) Eucon and PRE compatible
– Flexible Monitor control configuration
– Pro | Mon monitor control (optional)
– Cue | Mix zero latency mixer