GS-3A Stereo Studio Monitor System

The Guzauski-Swist GS-3A Stereo Studio Monitor System is a no compromise studio monitoring solution designed to provide extreme accuracy and sound reproduction for writing, tracking or mixing.

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The Guzauski-Swist GS-3A is the product of 40 years of research and development and is the pinnacle of what monitors should be. Using only the finest state-of-art components to the produce a full bandwidth frequency response and wide dynamic range. The GS-3a can be used as nearfield monitors in large rooms or mid-field monitors in smaller studios, and uses a unique and innovative design to deliver super accuracy while minimising ear fatigue.
The monitoring system uses a bespoke Class D power amplifier, capable of producing 3.5kW per stereo pair while offering an impressive 85% efficiency and a unique DSP Processing Module which offers a high degree of room compensation through its front end. It comes with a special PC software application which allows for very precise integration of the acoustical environment. The GS-XD4080 DSP Processor lets you use digital or analogue inputs and features Input EQ and delay settings. A huge selection of useful factory presets is included. The DSP Processor will automatically up-sample any digital incoming audio to match its internal clock and outputs a fixed 96kHz.

Technical specifications

Guzauski-Swist GS-3A Stereo Studio Monitor System Overview:

– 12″ low resonance, long excursion driver in a sealed cabinet eliminating port turbulence noise
– 3″ Dome ATC mid-range capable of high power handing and extended bandwidth which keeps the vocal frequency range away from crossover points
– 1″ Morel Soft dome Tweeter known for smooth and extended frequency response with exceptional power handling
– 3700 Watts of class D amplification in a separate rack chassis
Rugged high current multi-pin Speakon™ connectors
– Enclosure design also allows both vertical and horizontal driver alignments
– Digital processor contains the very best AD/DA converters and analog components available today
– Integrated DSP with user definable room compensation equalization and delay
– AES Digital and analog inputs

Guzauski-Swist GS-3A Stereo Studio Monitor System includes:

– Low Frequency Driver Enclosure
– Mid/High Frequency Driver Enclosure w/ Integrated Acoustical Decoupling System
– Mounting Bracket for Mid/High Frequency Enclosure
– GS-A3 Power Amplifier Module
– GS-XD4080 DSP Processor Module
– DB-25 Connector w/ XLR Breakout (1)
– 8-Pin Speakon Loudspeaker Cables (2)
– 4-Pin Speakon Mid & High Frequency Driver Wiring Harness (2)