Horus | Professional AD/DA interface

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The potential of moving audio and video infrastructure to an IP world is becoming a reality with standards and many products becoming available. Merging Technologies has been supporting and developing Audio over IP products since 2012. Horus is the product that introduced the power and simplicity that can be achieved once networking is incorporated into a product. Today, Horus remains a market leader by providing astounding audio quality with unrivalled connectivity. It can slot effortlessly into a legacy studio and instantly upgrade the quality and productivity.


Horus Networked Audio Interface
Horus is one of the world’s most sonically transparent Mic Pre’s.
Horus is also one of the most phenomenal AD/DA boxes on the market.
Horus could very well be the ultimate answer to anyone wanting Analog/AES/MADI interconnectivity in the room they work in. It is a revolution in “bang for buck” technology and has become one of the defacto audio I/O devices for the media industries…
But in reality Horus is much, much more:
Using RAVENNA technology, Horus brings the possibility to interconnect your entire facility using nothing more than a standard RJ45 connector. Once in RAVENNA mode, the Horus box simply becomes a node on a network, one that can be instantly called to be an input, an output, or a combination of both. Whether you are in broadcast, TV and film, mastering, studio or live music recording, live events, theatres, museums, cruise ships, or any industry where you need audio to get from A to B (or A to B and C, or C to A and part of D, E, and F!).
Using standard network connections, switches and connectors, Horus and other RAVENNA-enabled devices can be placed on a network and interconnected. Horus is fully AES67 compatible so you are able to connect to many devices regardless of the originating network protocol.

Horus Base Unit Features
Modular by Design:
The modular design of Horus allows you to buy what you need or can afford. You can always add to it later or even change your mind. In addition to the choice of analog I/O modules you can always use one slot for the PT64 option for Pro Tools HD™ users.
The MADI capacity can be extended to 128 I/O by adding an additional expansion card without taking one of your 6 I/O slots.

Technical specifications

Digital I/O

64 MADI I/O (Coaxial & Optical)
Word Clock I/O

Synchronization I/O

Video Reference

Sample Rate Support

44.1 – 384 kHz PCM
DXD and DSD64/128/256

User Interface

Remote control over LAN (CAT5E/CAT6)
Direct access on unit with touch screen

Redundant Power Options:

Optional redundant power supply for failsafe use.
*Mandatory when using more than 3xAD8D/AD8DP in a single unit due to increased power consumption*


6 Option slots that fit any combo of:
8 Channel Mic/Line Input Card (AD8D / AD8DP)
AD8D sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
AD8DP sample rates from 44.1 ->384 kHz, DXD/DSD64/128/256
8 Channel Mic/Line Input Card (AKD8D / AKD8DP)
AKD8D sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
AKD8DP sample rates from 44.1 ->384 kHz, DXD/DSD64/128/256
8 Channel Line Out Card (DA8/DA8P)
DA8 Sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
DA8P sample rates from 44.1 ->384 kHz, DXD/DSD64/128/256
8 Channel Mic/Line Input & 8 Channel Line Out Card (ADA8)
Sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
64 Channels of Pro Tools HD™ connectivity in each card (PT64)
Sample rates from 44.1 -> 192kHz
can only be fitted in slots 3 and 6

1 MADI option slot for:

additional 64 I/O MADI coaxial/optical (MADM/MADS)