SM 468

Standard output studio and archive tape


Recording The Masters SM468 High bias studio tape for use in music studios, broadcasting and achiving. For multi-track and mastering operation offering excellent dynamic range over the entire frequency spectrum.

RTM continues the tradition of producing a precision slit and backcoated tape similar to the former RMGI/EMTEC formulations that we all came to love. Outstanding results.

Technical specifications

• Widths: 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″, 2″
• Backcoated
• Multitrack formats
• Mastering-grade quality
• Minimal print-through
• Excellent high-speed winding properties
• Allows flangeless operation
• Long-term stability

Additional information

Reel Type

Metal Reel, Pancake, Plástic Reel, Precision Reel

Reel Diameter

10,5", 10", 11", 5", 7"

Anchura Cinta

0,25", 0,5", 1", 2"