Compact microphones CCM
Capsule and amplifier of a CCM microphone are combined in one housing.
Since the transducers of the Colette and CCM series are the same, only a short description of the properties is given at this point. More detailed information on the transducers can be found in the descriptions of the corresponding MK capsules.

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Compact Microphone
– Omnidirectional
– Linear frequency response
– Corrected for the direct sound field
– For use close to the sound source (frontal sound incidence)
– Preferred applications: close pickup of singers and instruments
As can be seen from the frequency response curve, this microphone type has flat frequency response for frontal sound incidence. This yields a very natural quality when picking up sound that is predominantly direct, i.e. close to the source or in a ”dry” acoustic.
The CCM 2 is meant to be placed in close proximity to the sound source. The sonic impression never becomes overly brilliant or harsh. Please note that there is some directivity at high frequencies due to the physics of sound. Thus even with an omnidirectional microphone, it still matters which way the capsule is “aimed.”

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications

The technical data correspond to that of the respective MK capsule.