This type of microphone has a low-frequency rolloff to compensate for the low-frequency boost which occurs when close-miking.
This microphone type is used primarily in voiceover and sound reinforcement applications, and wherever good speech audibility in a noisy environment is a prime requirement.

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Compact Microphone for close pickup
– Cardioid pattern
– For pickup of speech or music at close range (under 10 cm)
– Strong attenuation of low frequencies
– Preferred applications: close speech pickup
This cardioid microphone is designed for the very closest speech pickup, i.e. directly in front of the speaker’s mouth.
Its low-frequency rolloff is compensated by proximity effect. Thus it has (up to the point of its high-frequency emphasis) a flat frequency response for the speaker’s voice, while showing a rolloff at low frequencies for all sound that originates from a greater distance. As a result, background sounds are picked up less strongly than the person speaking.

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications

The technical data correspond to that of the respective MK capsule.