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Multi-Station Composer

The Multi-Station Composer comes in both 2-Bay and 3-Bay versions as well as both Controller and Workstation versions.


The Multi-Station “Composer” model is designed for composers and keyboardists.
(The 3-Bay Composer Workstation is shown.)

Features include: formed steel keyboard tray for superior stability,
a rear shelf for an LCD monitor and/or speaker monitor mounts, and
Rack Space: 2-Bay 16ru and 3-Bay 24ru.

Available options include LCD monitor arms and speaker monitor mounts.
Keyboard sizes: 2 Bay: 40-3/4″w x 14-1/2″d x 5-1/2″h.
3 Bay: 60-3/4″w x 14-1/2″d x 5-1/2″h.

Spec Sheet