Plan E

4.862,34 21% TAX included

Similar en forma y tamaño al Plan D, pero cuenta con un estante central adicional de 8 unidades de rack.

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The Plan E is similar in shape and size to the Plan D but features an additional 8 ru center rack. Originally designed as a mastering console, the Plan E has found its way into the audio mixing environment with the introduction of DAWs and rack mountable faders like the Tonelux© “F” rack and the Avid Artist series (utilizing our optional Artist Series rack trays).

As with the Plan D, there is a low shelf that allows the monitors to be lowered out of the sound field. The bottom of the center section is open to allow for more leg room.

The design features that reduce the acoustic footprint are present on this and all of our Plan Series consoles and Mixer Conversions.
32ru total in the upper desk bays,
12ru total in the lower front bays, and
12ru total in the lower rear bays.
Many accessories and options are available to help you personalize your Plan E console. View the Plan E gallery for configuration ideas.

Technical specifications

Articulated arm for LCD screen
Computer keyboard tray
Speaker stands 7’x7 ‘(17.78 x 17.78 cm) or 7’x14’ (17.78 x 35.56 cm)
Wood Finish: Sold in standard Brushed Aluminum Thermofoil (brushed aluminum), other wood species are available as an option to order: Basic Black, Red Oak, Natural Maple, African Rosewood