Mini-Electra 8 Power Cord

With the best available OCC-7N copper in the Fluxfield design, Electra 7 delivers extremely pure tone quality, along with dramatic improvements in clarity and image focus that can transform a great system into one that is truly exceptional.

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The noise comes from radio transmitters, electric motors, fluorescent lights, dimmer switches, digital voltage sources and numerous other sources. The structure of the WireWorld power cables with noise filtering is oriented to solve a completely different set of audio and video cables are not able to solve. All cables are supplied with a European standard connector.

Technical specifications

DESIGN: Fluxfield Technology

SIGNAL CONDUCTORS: Qty: 8 Gauge: 15AWG | 1.4 sq. mm


INSULATION: Composilex 2

PLUG CONTACTS: Silver-clad Copper Alloy

NOTE:Figure 8 plugs

Additional information


1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m