AM1 – Audio Mixing Desk

Consistently analog approach using state-of-the-art technology designed for hands-on, real-time mixing modular concept, 8 channels to 48 channels.


Michael Zähl, former engineer and designer of the main custom made mixing console at the legendary Conny’s Studio and Mark Ernestus, long time producer known from projects like Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound had a special encounter which led to the collaborative development of AM1 – the state-of-the-art pure analog mixing console.

Maximum musicality for sensitive enhancement or explicit treatment. 4-Band EQ plus LO CUT with special parameter features.
Comprehensive Input Matrix.
MID/SIDE STEREO conversion at INSERT SEND/RETURN, continuously variable STEREO BASE.
Dual PANORAMA Stage.
INSERT RETURN with continuously variable DRY/WET mixing for parallel compression, parallel EQing etc. or for use as channel-exclusive AUX RETURN when used in combination with DIRECT AUX, thus freeing up AUX busses when using an effect on one channel only.

Technical specifications

optimized for hands-on live mixing/
real-time mixing
intuitive, user-friendly,
mostly self-explaining layout
super clean, lowest noise and distortion
signal paths, no VCAs
click-free audio switching using zero cross
detection on parameters relevant when
mixing live
built with highest quality electronic
and mechanical components
no microprocessors, no clock pulses,
no switched power circuitry