A1. Sound on Canvas
B1. The Rhythm – Mastered By Alex Gámez
B2. Into the Flux

Alex Font presents to society his new label acmé through this EP which, called «Introductory», contains three of his own tracks. They’re only published on vinyls, with only 250 limited edition copies and and with a wink on its cover from the suprematic Russian painter Kazimir Malevich… Or is it abstraction from Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsnki? You can tell that Font is a modern art enthusiast and he uses it as a global and constant source of inspiration, impregnating everything with it. We can find this artist in three different states, but always just as enjoyable from his club work, which identifies Alex Font’s work 100% in 2015. His search for quality, whatever the price, is noticed in his first acmé release in which he offers the underground Dj’s some useful, mixable and enriching tracks for their sessions; that’s his main motivation.

The track that starts off the EP -«Sounds on Canvas»- is a sound that makes you travel assigned to the slow tempo underground house – which the listener can empathise with from the first beat. His percussive minimalism, which with a lot of care allows him to add various elements from his musical corpus, contributes to his style which contrasts with his quality from his musical soul. The acid touch -in the metallic bubble- from the last part of his track which is done with a futuristic feeling suits him perfectly. Well, its not a normal subject -and away from the mainstream- ideal to launch a promising series.

On the other hand «The Rhythm» is the perfect tool for DJ’s who love «real house», its charming outline which looks back without any anger can adapt perfectly to any warm up session or to those early hours of the night when anything can happen. As a DJ like Alex Font he knows the beauty of these tracks, that as a tool -they seem to fit into any set contributing to it with steadiness, brightness and magnificence. Beware, the emotion from his nature should only be stopped if a body appears moving to his sounds!

Finally, with «Into the Flux» we’ll find the artist finishing off with a Detroit feeling that seduces you from the first beat. We’re talking about a dark and technoide track that drops like a bomb into the gravitational center of the dance-floor. Without truce and attacking the heart, the mind and feet are in unison and very efficiently. Its playful percussive fanfare gives it a dislocated and fun feeling which is, without a doubt, the best bit about this track that is purely Alex Font sound.