Modisch – Modisch


1 Modisch (Original Mix)
2 Sehr modern (Original Mix)
3 Altmodisch (Original Mix)
4 Neumodisch (Original Mix)
5 Sehr modern (FloVon Remix)

Mastered by Álex Gámez

MODISCH creates a mix of downbeat, dry clubsound, slowhouse, dub and possibly even techno or UK bass, but with real musicians. First take – no overdubs! MODISCH prefers to work with real drummers to capture their micro shifts in timing, which makes this club music release organic and tight sounds. Even if it is very static and repetitive music, this kind of human touch is what gives it a signature spice. When playing around with analogue synthesizers, it’s always the same chords and notes, but all the filter treatment is done without software in order to add a bit of randomness and error. The whole recording has been done in a jazzy way: a bit of improvisation and a really nice organic feeling beyond a pure software-based production. The EP comes with a housy remix of Sehr Modern produced by FloVon


Este archivo es una comparativa entre el audio original y el audio final tras los servicios realizados en Störung Studios