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– 1. D-Fuse Gradualism #01Visuals, Sounds, Music By – D-Fuse
– 2. Dextro & aM™[aem] 26_071 AudaSounds Music By – aM™[aem], Visuals – Dextro
– 3. Sergio Brauer, Sergio Subero & Alan Courtis* Malabia Bla BlaSounds Music By – Alan Courtis*, Visuals – Sergio Brauer, Sergio Subero
– 4. Paul Prudence & Francisco López Hydro-Organic Machine StudySounds Music By – Francisco López, Visuals – Paul Prudence
– 5. Kim Cascone Black FlameSounds Music By – Kim Cascone
– 6. XX+XY Visuals And Sound Art Project – Matter States Visuals, Sounds, Music By – XX+XY Visuals And Sound Art Project
– 7. Aleix Fernández & Asférico Shapes 3.0 Sounds, Music By – Asférico, Visuals – Aleix Fernández
– 8. Andy Guhl Laptop-Condensored 2:29 Visuals, Sounds, Music By – Andy Guhl
– 9. Hugo Olim & Simon Whetham Rhizoid Sounds, Music By – Simon Whetham, Visuals – Hugo Olim
– 10. Elufo & Asférico Fuerza Natural II Visuals – Asférico, Elufo
– 11. Diego Alberti & Federico Monti Untitled 09 Visuals – Diego Alberti, Federico Monti

Mastered by Álex Gámez

Störung: Sound & Visual Art is a good example of the current development of sound and moving image in experimental research and development contexts. The bulk of the eleven audiovisual works collected here demonstrate the tradition of certain visual music – profusely put forward by Oskar Fischinger – but also the inheritance of the pioneers of less factual video art -as in the case of the conceptual and aesthetic solutions of the Vasulka marriage- or of what was known as the elaboration of images by computer-exemplified in the work of the Whitney brothers, Lillian Schwartz or Stan Vanderbeek. Pioneers of a cinematographic and sound art that with the arrival of new technologies -first electronic and then digital- increases its proposal exponentially until becoming undoubtedly omnipresent practices.