Störung: Sound & Visual Art

Artist: Various Artists
Label: Störung
Catalog Nº: str009
Release: April 11, 2012
Edition: Limited Edition DVD + Book

Track List:

1. D-Fuse – Gradualism #01
2. dextro & aM™[aem] – 26_071 auda
3. Sergio Brauer, Sergio Subero & Alan Courtis – Malabia Bla Bla
4. Paul Prudence & Francisco López – Hydro-Organic Machine Study
5. Kim Cascone – Black Flame
6. XX+XY Visuals And Sound Art Project – Matter States
7. Aleix Fernández & Asférico – Shapes 3.0
8. Andy Guhl – Laptop-Condensored 2:29
9. Hugo Olim & Simon Whetham – Rhizoid
10. elufo & Asférico – Fuerza Natural II
11. Diego Alberti & Federico Monti – Untitled 09

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’Störung: Sound & Visual Art’ is the ninth release of Störung, and has been published together with Cameo. This DVD+Book contains eleven exclusive audiovisual works made by more than twenty artists from different parts of the world. It includes a book with synopses written by the artists, their biographies and selected photographs taken during the past six years of Störung.
The selection of pieces is a representative sample of various artistic tendencies that fall into the sound and image concept of Störung. The techniques employed in the pieces are very diverse and include both analogical and digital processes in their sound and visual elements.
Apart from its documentary function as audiovisual file, this release is intended to inspire all people interested in art and its contemporary music tendencies.

Comes in a special digipack containing a booklet with photographies of the six first edition of Störung Festival. Audio on the DVD is PCM, uncompressed.
Artwork by Aleix Artigal and photos by MA Ruíz.