Störung v.3.0

Artist: Various Artists
Label: Störung
Catalog Nº: str003
Release: April 23, 2008
Edition: Limited Edition CD / Digital Download

Track List:

1. Paul Bradley – So it follows [08:20 min]
2. Daniele Cortese + Crab Fisher – The dog is a fake [03:48 min]
3. Asférico + elufo – Tierra [06:13 min]
4. Thanos Chrysakis + Dario Bernal – Electric arc [06:15 min]
5. TCO – NOM [04:11 min]
6. Maile Colbert – Day from arrival [10:07 min]
7. Federico Monti – Aquaplaning [09:36 min]
8. LB^LC – Lo encontramos [05:22 min]
9. Vitor Joaquim – Grandeur et decadence [09:50 min]

Digital Asset:
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Comes in the classical Störung packaging designed by Alessia Mannini.

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The Störung third release is a compilation of nine pieces of artists present in the Störung Festival’s third edition (2009) of minimal and experimental electronic music.


Tracks by Asférico + elufo, Daniele Cortese + Crab Fisher, Federico Monti, LB^LC, Maile Colbert, Paul Bradley, TCO, Thanos Chrysakis + Dario Bernal Villegas & Vitor Joaquim.


These audio excerpts have been prepared for preview purposes only, so their sound quality is lower than the found on the str003 CD and on the digital download.