Landry Riba ‎- Tales From Behind The Mirror


1. What was left behind (intro) 01:56
2. Look down to the sky 03:18
3. Unlikely dance 04:10
4. The hidden side 04:02
5. Tempus fugit 03:42
6. Not from here 03:29
7. Snow on the path (Interlude) 01:48
8. Under the green coat 04:18
9. Pulling the wires 03:04

Mastered by Álex Gámez

Andorra’s Landry Riba has released his Tales From Behind The Mirror, an effort that immediately draws listeners in with the introductory composition, What was left behind. This composition creates the environment which the rest of the album’s tracks are set upon. Just under two minutes, this arrangement is essential listening for anyone that wishes to understand the full story that this album tells.

Look down to the sky is a dark and rich effort that will require additional spins just to hear every nuance inserted within. The guitar s a focal point to this track, but the interplay between the different elements on this instrumental track creates a narrative as rich as the most vocal-heavy music. The usage of dark and light, sound and silence makes Tales from behind the mirror greater than the sum of the constituent parts. The hidden side is a deliberate and focused track that ties together a classical element with a brooding, emotive rock component.

Not from here is a lighter effort that showcases a more hopeful side to Riba’s music, something that is moored to the rest of the album with the penultimate track, Under the green coat. Tales From Behind The Mirror concludes with Pulling the wires, a composition that builds and falls with the utmost care. Listeners will be lead along with the fascinating sound of the single, which is deceptively deep when one considers the straightforward tactics that Riba takes.