In 2016, Störung Studios carried out the creation of the original sound design of this new and innovative digital terrestrial television Spanish channel named TEN.
In collaboration with Studio Banana, the final product consisted of capturing the unique identity of TEN TV, with a real tone that helps make the logo instantly recognizable.

Störung Studios produced the sound design of several bumpers and break-bumpers characteristic of the channel itself. The network currently broadcasts programs about current issues, entertainment, docu-shows and reality, so the brief appearance of the logo before or after the advertising breaks show the work carried out and the trust given to the sound project.

TEN is an open broadcast television channel, belonging to Central Broadcaster Media, of Grupo Secuoya and was launched on April 28, 2016. TEN bases its effectiveness on a program focused on entertainment, where genres such as reality, factual, talentshow and the docushow acquire presence through unpublished formats in our country. With a white editorial line and inclusive in terms of its target audience, TEN provides many new features such as the advancement of prime time over the existing offer, the issuance of newscasts as breaking news and with alternative news and the commitment to the digital world as a new broadcast screen.


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