Unbranded Films – The Unboxing Video

‘The world of the internet unravels through the perspective of an idealistic creator.’

The Unboxing Video is a narrative short film about The Creator, a youthful wannabe internet celebrity, who strives to create the greatest unboxing video in existence. He gets caught between the need to achieve greatness and the over bearing desire to work out why he’s doing this in the first place. We live with the Creator, on screen and behind the scenes, through his quest to achieve greatness and the joy, sadness and hopefully resolution that this journey promises to bring.

This film glances at a small portion of what can fill the daily lives of the inhabitants around us, Unboxing. Viral internet phenomena can run the world, steal your whole day, it helps us to lose track of time and sometimes learn something useful but mostly defines us as supposedly varied, free willing consumers.

Sound design, editing, mixing and mastering at Störung Studios
Main Engineer & sound designer: Alex Gámez
Assistant Engineer: Fran Rico

Maverick Movie Awards nomination for best Sound Design on 2019 edition