Varios Artistas – New Playlist ‎- Playmoss


A1. Downliners Sekt – Silent Ascent (4:36)
A2. Mans o – Sweet and Sour (4:27)
A3. BeGun – Mumbai (5:29)
A4. Shelby Grey – Leave It All Behind (5:21)
A5. Pina – Talahassee (Playmodes Remix) (3:20)
B1. Sunny Graves – Spring (Slow Return) (5:48)
B2. Pedro Vian – News from Near Future (6:42)
B3. Asférico – The Pipe Dream (Playmoss Version) (5:29)
B4. bRUNA – Won’t Say It (Henry Saiz Remix) (7:04)

Mastered/Re-Mastered by Alex Gámez

Playmoss presents ‘New Playlist’, a compilation on vinyl that collects a handful of tracks by some of our favorite artists to celebrate the launch of our new website and our apps. They are all firm exponents of the sound that internationally defines the music scene of the city that saw the birth of Playmoss: Barcelona.

Music lovers will surely be familiar with the festivals for which it is usually known, but what not everyone knows is that, when the festival season calls them one day, a swarm of restless and talented artists continues to work to give shape to records and productions that will later stand out around the world.

Playmoss is a tool in the form of a website and an app to create impossible playlists by combining tracks from different streaming platforms and build your own network of music influences.