Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer

Schmidt-Synthesizer, manufacturer of the Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer, announces the start of the third round of orders of 25 units with the possibility of finishing the unit in black or white.

This synthesizer is built, as is usual in the brand, with the highest production standards, without reducing costs in any of its elements.

The project, whose prototype was born in 2011, already has 50 units distributed throughout the world and the list for the next 25 units is now open.

4 oscillators, 5 ring-modulators with 6 pulse-widths, all with totally discrete circuits instead of integrated circuits in unique chips and a front panel for better control of the user. Of course, a unique piece in the market.

Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer has a recommended European price of € 19900.