The Swedish company Softube presents its first Buchla virtual module with official license: Buchla 259a Twisted Waveform Generator for its Modular system.

Buchla 259a consists of two differentiated oscillators: Main and Modulation.
Modulation can be used either to modulate the Main oscillator, or to create another sound source. In addition, the sine wave generated by the Principal oscillator is applied simultaneously to two of the eight waveform tables, which can be modulated in turn through Modulation. Three of the waveform tables are particular, filled with unpredictable noises and silences.

The innovative Mem Skew mode is surely one of the most characteristic hallmarks of this module. When these tables are selected, FM controls are reassigned as table scan functions and FM inputs become modulators of them.

Buchla 259a Twisted Waveform Generator is designed for the Softube Modular system and has a recommended price of $99, although it is available until October 31, 2017 for $79.