Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro

Audio software development companies Plugin Alliance and Unfiltered Audio have created a new version of Sandman, the well-known delay, now called Sandman Pro. The new version offers new features that include seven delay modes:

Classic tape mode, which adds a touch of saturation to soil echoes, loops and adds virtual tape saturation grains.
Multi-Tap mode, which offers 16 simultaneous delay lines that can be used to create massive duplication and echo effects. Suitable for guitar voices or solos.
Inverse mode, which produces echoes with reverb.
Instant Modern mode, in which the delay time can be modulated drastically to transform the effects of flanger or bend the echo effect in real time.
Dual Pitch Shifter mode, suitable for vocal harmonies, classic gloss effects or metallic textures.
Glitch mode, which adds instability to pitch signals to create unconventional effects.
No Echo mode, which allows you to create babbling and error effects in real time, and the new ‘Echoes’ section that includes a stereo feedback network and broadcast control.

Basically, the features of the new Sandman Pro offer a wide variety of time-based effects, including flanger, phasing, chorus, ping-pong delay, 16-pulse, automatic double tracking, echoes, reverb, pitch change, harmonization, granular synthesis, percussion resonator and many other effects. Delay times vary between 5 ms and 1000 seconds when used in conjunction with the reduction of the sampling frequency. Mostly all controls, including the Sleep and Kill buttons, are automatable. The Soft Clip function provides analog type saturation at the inputs and outputs of the plug-in. It also has a waveform screen showing the effect of real-time control settings. It has seven new delay modes, with individually adjustable controls and also includes the M/S mode.

Sandman Pro uses a standby mode to freeze the delay buffer and create loops that can be ‘re-pitched’, sampled, played backwards, using very short delay times.

Sandman Pro is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 (or higher) and Apple OS X 10.8 (or higher) operating systems and is available in AAX, AU and VST formats.