Alina Kalancea – Impedance

The new Alina Kalancea’s album is available at Störung online shop.

After her successful debut album ‘The 5th Apple‘, Alina Kalancea presents ‘Impedance’.

‘Impedance’ is an entirely instrumental album spanning four sides, contains powerful rhythmic sequences, heart-beating frequencies and hypnotic loops that are paradoxically encapsulated in carefully crafted compositions which are full of secret passages and hidden doors.

Kalancea’s work creates ungraspable sonic experiences, which overtakes you, immersing its listeners in powerful and mind-altering soundscapes. There’s no quick payoff on ‘Impedance’. This is the sound of new, patient electronic music, full of depth and substance.

Produced by Alex Gámez, recorded, mixed and mastered at Störung Studios. Released by the American label Important Records in a deluxe, heavy duty tip-on gatefold sleeves printed by Stoughton, cut by Golden Mastering and pressed at RTI.

Double vinyl and CD ready to be shipped worldwide from Barcelona.