Alina Kalancea

Alina Kalancea is a Romanian sound artist and composer based in Modena, Italy.

Her powerful rhythmic sequences, dark ambience, heart beating frequencies and hypnotic loops are paradoxically encapsulated in carefully crafted sound structures and designs, full of secret passages and hidden doors.

Most revelatory flickering soundscapes and receding atmospheres create ungraspable sonic experiences, which take us over, immersing us in powerful and mind altering soundscapes. Some ultimate paradox of spontaneity and total command is under work here, some randomness under control, some certain uncertainty.

Alina Kalancea has studied sound design and synthesis with Enrico Cosimi (Professor of Electronic Music at University of Rome Tor Vergata) and collaborated with producer Alex Gámez aka Asférico (Head of Störung), and artists Julia Kent and Raven Bush.

After her succesful debut album: ‘The 5th Apple‘ release by Störung, nowadays, she combines her work as sound artist presenting her second album , ‘Impedance‘, with being the founder of Soundfreak, the company that brings the VCS3 synth, officially licensed by EMS, to the 4U format. She also is official collaborator (builder and assembler) for Digitana Electronics.


“…The spatial dimension of her work is particularly striking…Kalancea’s music hangs together and lingers in the memory, despite its seemingly elusive character and structure…Kalancea’s passion for synths and circuitry finds a highly persuasive voice, one that’s difficult to resist…” – The Wire [UK]

“…In this day and age, it’s hard to find original music, but there are still unopened tombs and places yet to be raided. Enter Alina Kalancea and her album The 5th Apple, a genuinely unique set which leans into the dark…” – A Closer Listen [UK]

“…A matching amount of effort and talent seems to have been put into both the lyrics and the impeccable sound design…Grab your headphones for this one. It’s a remarkable debut release for Kalancea…” – Vital Weekly [NL]

“ …One of the best record of the year…” – Silence And Sound (FR)

“…a wonderful surprise, easily ranking among Important’s finest non-reissue releases in recent memory. Far less surprising is the fact that Impedance is Buchla-driven, but this is happily one of those times in which the tools are secondary to the focused and compelling vision that they help bring to life…this album is an absolute monster, as Kalancea repeatedly strikes the perfect balance between raw physicality, simmering violence, and exacting execution…” – Brainwashed [US]

“… Alina dilates the sounds to make them sink into endless chunks, adding mystery with the use of her magnetic voice. DARK…” – Rockerilla [IT]

“…Rides this incredibly thin line between introspection and bold statement. The ambient textures are hypnotic and the albums’ themes are acutely embellished with a swelling conceptual prowess…” – Toneshift (US)

“…A night ride of the soul…” – Sonic Seducer Musikmagazin [DE]

“…Wonderfully uncomfortable introspective extroverted soundtrack to dark days…” – Groove [DE]

“…Very impressive soundscapes!…” – Radiohörer [DE]

“…These compelling and rich textures & timbres breathe deeply! Her poetry/song’s glacial rap penetrates…imprints. Alina creates a new genre: Dark Lyrical Industrial Minimalism! An amazingly well produced album…” – Todd Barton [US]

“…Dark, yes. But this is no gothic pose. Kalancea has produced a deeply relatable work of audio art. While The 5th Apple dropped Dec. 21, for me it is the first great release of the new year…” – Badd Press [CA]

“…An impressive aura of contemplation, creeping threat and comforting horror…” – Amusio [DE]

“…Who likes Plastikman? He will love “The 5th Apple”, the latest album by Alina Kalancea. Because also here are the reduced and deep dark sound of the ambient and electronica…” – Artnoir Musik Magazin [CH]

“…Listens like a film from the inside, scrambling codes to move them across borders, drawing the outlines of a singular universe of bewitching intensity. A record in which you have to bite…” – Rock Decibels [FR]

“…Quella che starete per vivere sarà un’esperienza di ascolto immersiva e dalla straordinaria potenza emotiva…La direzione intrapresa da Alina Kalancea la rende, probabilmente, la musicista più accreditata e capace di ampliare le sonorità precedentemente esplorate da Eliane Radigue. Adesso il futuro sarà migliore…” – Rumore Magazine [IT]


2022-07-31 | Ancona, IT | Acusmatiq Festival XIV | Live Performance
2022-07-01 | Firenze, IT | Lattexplus Festival 2022 | Live Performance
2022-06-23 | London, UK | EMS presents VCS4:2022 | Live Performance
2021-07-09 | Santarcangelo di Romagna, IT | Santarcangelo Festival 2050 | Live Performance
2021-02-05 | Worldwide | ‘Impedance‘ (Important Records) | Album Release
2019-06-08 | Acqui Terme, IT | Phoemina Festival #3 | Live Performance
2018-12-21 | Worldwide | ‘The 5th Apple‘ (Störung) | Album Release
2018-11-10 | Bologna, IT | Archivio/Aperto at MAST | Live Performance
2018-09-29 | Bologna, IT | Screen City | Live Performance
2018-07-22 | Ancona, IT | Acusmatiq Festival XIII | Live Performance
2018-06-02 | Acqui Terme, IT | Phoemina Festival #1 | Live Performance
2018-01-25 | Worldwide | ‘Rebuilding l’Alt Empordà‘ (Störung) | Track Release