Störung Concert Series (Oct 09)

Störung offered two live concerts by artists who work electronic and experimental music in a very different way. All a world reference in the «field recordings» as Kim Cascone that presents its publication in the Störung label and a new talent with a more rhythmic music as Iqbit with xx + x and visuals.

Kim Cascone became known around the world in the 1980s working as a sound editing assistant in the David Lynch Twin Peaks and Wild at Heart productions. Even so, his musical career began during the 70s with his studies of electronic music and in 1986 he founded one of the pioneering labels of electronics in the United States, Silent Records. Since the mid 90’s his work is focused on audio design and he has worked for Headspace and Staccato Systems where he specialized in algorithmic sound synthesis for videogames. A reference in the genre, with his unique style he has developed more than 30 albums. From San Francisco comes to officially present his latest album «anti-musical celestial forces» reference number 006 Storung catalog available on CD.

Iqbit is the artistic name of the Italian Claudio Curciotti. With headquarters shared between Rome and Barcelona, ​​this creator proposes music with rhythms full of sound impulses coming from a great diversity of sources and effects that stimulate the mind of the listener. The investigation of experimental sounds and the production of melodies have just shaped the style of this young artist who is in full evolution and musical development. xx + xy visuals will come from Rome to complement the concert with visuals based on the transfiguration of images in abstract works.


10/22/2009 – 9:00 p.m.

Farinera del Clot – Barcelona

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 837

Box office price: € 8