Nugen Audio updates MasterCheck Pro

The company Nugen Audio of Leeds (UK), creator of innovative and intuitive audio professional tools for high resolution sound producers, post-production engineers and broadcasting companies, announces the availability of MasterCheck Pro v1.4 by adding FLAC and Opus encoder to its set of codec and dynamics tools that allow professionals to optimize the mixes and visualize even more the encoding of reproduction and loudness.

Music streaming services such as Apple Music® and Spotify use codecs to reduce the bandwidth of data, required to transmit audio to the consumer. The codecs affect the quality of the audio, so it is important to be able to listen to its effect in real time in a DAW in order to mitigate the side effects caused by the inter-sample clipping and the reduction of bit depth. Which is exactly where Nugen Audio is able to help.

The latest update brings two new types of encoding, FLAC and Opus. Opus is one of the YouTube formats; FLAC is often used for downloads, since it is a high quality format (lossless).

Nugen Audio continues betting on MasterCheck Pro as a complete solution to optimize the mix of music today. Streaming apps, download stores, websites and podcasts that use compression data, loudness matching, or both.

MasterCheck Pro is compatible with Apple OS X 10.7 (or higher) and Microsoft Windows Vista (or higher) operating systems and is available in 32 and 64 bits as a plug-in in VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats.