WMD Fracture

WMD, an American manufacturer of musical hardware, such as guitar pedals and instruments, presents Fracture. A percussive module for the Eurorack system, which uses granular synthesis techniques to generate a broad sound palette, presented in an intuitive interface.

WMD has recorded several micro-samples that define the initial engine of this module. Fracture uses impulse samples such as slaps, ping-pong balls, the opening of a can and many others … Controls such as Density, Decay or Tail affect the tone and duration of sounds.

Fracture provides a series of interesting sound modeling tools including stereo output, Hall and Room reverb, two Trigger inputs for different types of sounds, three types of filters, three types of envelopes and CV’s.

WMD Fracture is available for Eurorack format at a suggested retail price of $269.